Discover Why Real Estate Business Insurance Is a Vital Part of the Protection Puzzle

What is real estate business insurance?

Insurance protection for your real estate practice in the event of general liability claims, including defense coverage.

Common Insurance Myths

Isn’t that coverage included in my E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance?
No, E&O covers the professional side of your business and general liability is typically excluded in E&O insurance. E&O insurance is designed to cover activities like contract negotiations, recommendations for services, contractual issues during the buying & selling process and so on.

Don’t I already have this type of insurance from my broker/owner?
No, most broker/owner’s policies don’t extend general liability coverage to independent contractors.

I have a personal umbrella to protect me!
Your personal umbrella might cover you if you are involved in an automobile accident, but will not extend coverage outside your car. Not to mention this topic is very gray.